Sean Burgett has been teaching privately since 2004, specializing in Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion and Piano/Keyboard. In 2014, Sean took the leap into full time group lessons with ROCK CLUB and it has been growing rapidly each year!

A former Seattle Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps member, Sean has been striving for precision from a young age. 

Classical training combined with a passion for all styles of Rock music, and a diverse knowledge of  instruments and techniques, makes it possible for him to instruct a full rock band. Fun is the foundation of Sean's teaching style, while always pushing each student to their next level.





Sean instructed private lessons for drums, guitar and piano for 10 years, maintaining 40+ students before starting the ROCK CLUB program. He now works with up to 10 different student bands that rehearse weekly and perform around Spokane.

2004-2014: Worked with elementary, middle, and high school students, teaching elements of Rock, Jazz, Classical and more styles of music for drums, guitar, and piano. Hosted annual recitals where students performed as instrumental rock groups.  

Other areas of instruction: Electric Bass, Ukulele, Drumline Percussion, Music Theory, Music Production, Studio Recording



2006-07: Assisted with 4 classes of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Worked mainly with percussion section, acted as assistant band director, and conducted Spring concert. 



2007/2010: Worked with drumline and front ensemble.

Achieved “Best Percussion Award” in Division A at Puget Sound Festival of Bands in 2007 

Achieved "Sweepstakes Award" and "Best Percussion" at the Royal City Classic in 2010



Sean also spends time as a Composer and Mastering Engineer at Bing Bang Boom!

Producing unique music library tracks and sound design, look for new release and placements at

Sean has been writing and producing music for promotional videos, advertisements, video games, web series as well as feature length and short films since 2009.


Notable performances include accompanying Shania Twain and Keith Urban, performing with groups around the Spokane area.

Crickets of Cascadia boast strong musical chops. They write songs with multi-part vocal harmonies and solid instrumentation that fits each player’s talents.
— The Inlander
Crickets of Cascadia

Crickets of Cascadia

Sean Has Performed or Recorded With:

  • Shania Twain

  • Keith Urban

  • Making The Day

  • Fire The Industry

  • Seattle Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps

  • The Horse Thieves

  • Marshall McLean

  • Nate Greenburg

  • Crickets of Cascadia

  • Jordan Collins